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The California Repercussions are a 50-piece band made of equal parts brass, woodwinds, percussion, and party. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the “Reapers" perform often at public and private events around Northern California. But we also thrill crowds on international tours. We have been mobbed for autographs by fans in the Soviet Union, been shut down by the police in Leicester Square in London, gotten the crowd dancing on tables at Oktoberfest in Munich, and spread our musical goodwill in other countries including Spain, Australia, and Brazil.

How do we do it? We are mostly former members of various college marching bands who may have graduated from school, but never fully grew up. We still get a rush from blowing high notes, laugh when we do a conga line with a row of sousaphones, and grin as widely as the kid we pull up to shake a maraca with us. We don’t just stand there and play, we’re there to have fun. Horns wave in the air, bodies dance, beer is consumed (where appropriate), and audience members often find themselves part of the show! Though we’re a large band, the show isn’t a constant wall of sound: we mix the power tunes in with others that feature a section of the band or a talented soloist. To get a feel for what a Reaper performance is like, check out our promo video.

Our song list is extensive, allowing us to tailor each performance to the audience. We can blow swing classics from the ‘40s, rock out with songs from Green Day or Queen, and get the joint bumpin’ with current pop hits from Adele or Bruno Mars. Oh yeah, we can bust out a Sousa march when challenged to. We’ve recorded some of these songs for albums we released in 2010 and 2013—take a listen.

In over thirty years the Reapers have had the pleasure of playing for many discriminating clients and events such as the NFL Pro Bowl, the San Francisco Giants, the National Mayors’ Conference, and Oracle Corporation. With the instrumentation and mobility of a marching band, we can play just about anywhere, indoors or outdoors, with no stage or amplification required. We can make a surprise entrance to kick your party into gear and then be gone after the last note is played, with no setup or takedown to distract from the rest of the event. Our rates are affordable, often allowing you to lower your cash payment by providing food and drink for the band. Contact us today to see what the Reapers can do for your event!

Phone: (707) 975-7423
US Mail: California Repercussions
1542 Sylvaner Ave.
St. Helena 94574

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